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After four decades, Underwater Kinetics' mission remains the same: to consistently engineer and manufacture the most innovative, long lasting products with their cutting-edge technology and design. The founder, Alan Uke, started the company out of his dorm room at UCSD and it has been his labor of love ever since. Underwtaer Kinetics are proud of their products, so they confidently stand behind them. Theirr customers deserve a product that works every time, therefore Underwater Kinetics issues a limited lifetime warranty on what they make. Should you experience a problem with any one of their products we will gladly replace or repair your purchase. At Underwater Kinetics, they are committed to making the most innovative and efficient products on the market. In 1974, they were the company that invented the high-powered, small flashlight, revolutionizing the world of hand held lights. Underwater Kinetics' products continue to deliver the most cutting-edge technology, rugged durability, and superior performance. Their products are lifetime investments. Thousands of satisfied UK customers have owned their light, case, or hanger for over 20 years. Even lights lost on the ocean floor and recovered years later still work! Only UK combines long-lasting reliability with ground-breaking design and ideas. They continue to do what they’ve always done best: innovate technology that raises the bar and blazes the path. Smaller. Lighter. Brighter. Better. It’s what we’re all about.

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