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Weston Fulton, a brilliant inventor heralding from Knoxville, Tennessee, developed the seamless metal bellows that became the precursor to the first home and automatic thermostats. During this same period of time, Fredrick Robertshaw invented the first water heater thermostat. These inventions served as the founding seeds for the company that is known today as Robertshaw Industrial Products. The list of innovations has continued ever since – Robertshaw created the first nuclear valves for the Manhattan Project; developed the temperature regulators that were used on the first nuclear-powered submarine; and have been creating products for each new class of naval vessels on into the 21st century. Creativity Today Robertshaw offers unique combinations of quality products and advanced technological devices designed to provide solutions for your specific needs. For example, the Centeron™ Wireless Tank Level Management system provides highly advanced distribution management technology. It has helped their customers reach unprecedented levels of operating efficiency in many industries including petroleum, chemical and energy.
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