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Beric-Davis Companies International, LTD. began investing time, money and human resources in 1998 in the manufacture of high quality industrial valves. Beric-Davis Companies International, LTD. saw the opportunity to expand its established presence in China by partnering with an API accredited valve factory to produce quality products in accordance with strict engineering criteria. Much like Edward W. Deming, considered an expert in Total Quality Management (TQM), Beric-Davis understands the importance of TQM and the need for American presence in foreign factories to ensure quality control standards are effectively met. In addition, education of the factory management and its employees regarding quality control standards and process management are central to assuring the products pass rigid tests and have enduring performance. With offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China, Beric-Davis' management is able to have a hands-on involvement in every facet of the valve manufacturing process. From casting design to raw material composition, Beric-Davis personnel are comprehensively involved. Taking leadership in this endeavor means thoroughly reviewing the latest manufacturing processes, imparting sound technical enhancements to comply with published American standards and communicating these practices professionally. Now a part of the World Trade Organization, China looks to companies like Beric-Davis to instill these business principles in their factories. This ongoing practice includes accomplished business professionals, such as engineers and metallurgists, visiting the factory regularly to conduct both classroom and on the job management and quality control training seminars. This enables Beric-Davis to comply with the latest ISO/9000:2000 guidelines and provide quality assurance to each customer.
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